Monday, October 29, 2007

In September

the recording process that would eventually turn into the body of songs found on 'curve of the earth' began without any of us even knowing. the endeavor started, initially, when dan found an old, two-input tape recorder around the house. inspired by the simplicity of the machine, and the sound of warmth and innocence its recordings had, we set it up in spencer's sun room. two days and nights were spent together, at our most spontaneous and our most creative. we recorded everything we wrote, immediately. everyone played different instruments. everyone sang. it wasn't until late on the second day of recording that we realized we were making another record. the order of the songs, the artwork and general concept of a strictly vinyl release were conceived while away with built to spill. the outcome is, as always, our best efforts as a band. the process was some of the greatest fun we have ever had together.


Kait said...

this is all so exciting. good luck guys. we all know this will be amazing.

Sunny said...

I'm so stoked. This is going to be incredible. Good luck guys, love you!