Monday, October 29, 2007


the following are the names and order of the songs to appear on our LP.

1. I'm Going to Forget
2. Ever Faster
3. Sparrow
4. Water Touched My Face
5. Now That I'm Dying
6. You're Such an Only Child
7. Morning Bird/Water Line
8. Ever Bright, Ever Blue
9. Rope
10. Sounds of Dawn and Dusk
11. Lady of the Lourdes
12. The Curve of the Earth


Julian said...

Awesome! Looking forward to it!

blair said...

blair langley here...i have a recording of your performance back in july in bayfield @ the black dog...i was wondering how i could get a copy of it to you guys...e-mail me @



Shell said...

I would love to know who sang what and who wrote what. I love Curve of the Earth. It has such a lovely feel to it. It's very intimate I would say.