Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Everything's bigger in Texas

We've arrived in Texas, and not a moment too soon. The weather here is something similar to a warm spring day out in Ontario. I can't stress enough how happy I am to be out of the harsh cold and into the sun. I still have yet to see any salted waters or warm lagoons, but the day is still young and the week younger still.

We play a house party tonight if things turn out the way we'd like them to. If not I'm sure this beautiful weather can guide us somewhere to keep us happy.

Stay away from White Castle.


Anonymous said...

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Jeremy Klaver said...

Hey guys. I talked to a few of you at your last show in London at Call the Office, not that it matters. I was pleasantly pleased to come across the blog.

How long are you guys down in the States? I was talking to (Shotgun) Jimmy when he played at the EVAC here, and aside from both of us groaning about not having you guys around to play with/near us, I heard some rumours you might be up this way again soon. Any details on that?

Curve of the Earth runs constantly on every music device I've got. I work for a radio station here. I'd love an interview sometime if you guys have time. Loving everything you do.


Jeremy Klaver said...

And I just realized the last post on here was in '08.