Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Who are we.

Upon visiting this site many times, I've noticed a lack of attention. A lack of care, and a lack of commitment. I have obtained the password and account information through numerous hours of hacking, and a countless supply of caramel corn. My mouth is itchy and my head hurts from the intake of sweets. My fingers are numb from the twitching and typing of keys. My body is aching from the paucity of sunlight, and my eyes are swelled from glowing screens and white lights.


I, now, am in control. Everything from this moment on bends under my power. I am all knowing, I am thought and power. I am fear and comfort, I am up and down. I am god here.

Expect Daily updates!

1 comment:

Rikkerink said...

Dear valiant hacker,
I have created this Google account for the purpose of bestowing my accolades upon you––well done.

I will read your daily updates. I will read them, and I will enjoy them. Moreover, I will expect them.